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123 Free Solitaire - Pyramid


Pyramid screenshot
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  • Number of decks: 1

  • Playing time per game: 5 minutes.

  • Requires skill or chance: Low skill required.

  • Rules complexity: Low complexity of the rules.

  • Opportunity of winning: Sometimes.

Aim of the game:

  • Play all of the cards to a discard pile, in couples with a total value of 13.

Initial setup:

  • From the stock, build a layout with the shape of a Pyramid as shown on the image.

How to play:

  • Any card from the Pyramid that is exposed and not partially covered by another card, may be combined with any other exposed card from the Pyramid or the stock pile to total 13. For example, you can pair a 6 and a 7 or a Queen with an Ace. Combined pairs are discarded to a waste pile beside the Pyramid. Cards are dealt, one at a time, from the stock. The top card of this pile is available for play and may be combined with any card from the Pyramid. A king is valued at 13 and can be discarded. You win the game when all the cards from both the Pyramid and the stockpile are discarded in the waste pile. Two redeals of the stockpile are permitted.

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